The Handy Heater – Why it isn’t so Handy

Does it Live up to the Hype?


The term ‘handy heater’ as of late has been abuzz all over the internet as of late. If something is being talked about at length like this, then that means it’s worth investigating, right? Does it fall under the lines of a ‘miracle product’ like Flex-It tape? Or, is it something worth talking about? Either way, we are going to dive right in and figure this out little by little.


handy heater
       The advertised product. Click here to see the sales page.


Aside: “As Seen on TV”


Right away, I see this tagline underneath the image caption, “as seen on tv”. That already sends my inner skeptic alarm bells ringing. It’s not that I don’t think that television isn’t a legitimate platform to sell a product, but my personal experience says that products like this only work under specific conditions or just enough times for it to be worth the $29.99 you pay for. There is an old adage, “You get what you pay for”. And, to a certain extent, it rings true.


Handy Heater Specs


According to the Handy Heater website, this little plugin personal heater can plug into any outlet at about 350 watts. It also claims to heat up to 250 square feet in spite of its compact size.

This is scientifically impossible.

I converted 350 watts to British Thermal Units (BTU), which totals at 1194.249 BTU Per Hour. That sounds like a lot, right?  It does until you convert BTU to square footage.


It takes 5000, BTUs to even cover 150 sq feet. That’s FIVE TIMES more wattage than what is advertised on the product. To even touch the claim of “up to 250 square feet” you need a wattage of 2051.497.

So, it was no wonder that I saw a slew of negative reviews of this product that is being sold at Walmart, Target, and on television commercials.

The people behind this product are either knowingly scamming shoppers, or know absolutely nothing about how watts convert to BTUs. Avoid this like the plague.

If you want to ask any questions, click to call here. If you want a recap on the BTU scale, click here.

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